Making peace with anxiety, together with Yana

Making peace with anxiety, together with Yana


Making Peace with Anxiety is a fusion of yogic breathing, brain stimulation techniques and deep personal insight, brought together by a yogini who lived with severe anxiety for a couple of decades of life.

This workshop is a hands-on experience of self-exploration, where, by using our divine gift - our BREATHING we will:

  • change oxygen levels and chemistry of the blood;

  • modify our cardiac rhythm;

  • manage our mental and emotional state;

  • adjust the temperature and energy flow in the body.


Join me for a journey around The Wheel of Healing - a 12 steps we go through on our way toward healing. The story shared and exercises presented in it will help you gain confidence and faith in your inner transformation.


Here are some highlights of the workshop agenda:


LISTENING from Macro to Micro;

12-step evolution of FEELING, around The Wheel of Healing;

overview of patterns that cause physical symptoms, associated with anxiety;

alternatives to the confrontation;

yoga kryas that the UCSD’s BioCircuits Institute suggests as an effective non-invasive approach to the   clinical treatment of anxiety, panic and stress disorders.

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